Honeybear Quilts


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Growing up, my nana taught me many things, like how to crochet, make a mean minestrone soup, and how to win a game of Gin Rummy- to name a few. She was a woman who put family first and could sew just about anything! In a world that has gone zero to 60 into a digital era, it’s nice to slow down and just break out the old Singer. My name’s Kassandra, and I’m getting back to my roots and joining the quilting community. As for the name, Honeybear Quilts, it stems from my last name, Miele, which means honey in Italian. I’m getting married in June and wanted to have a small token of my maiden name.

I can’t claim to be a quilting prodigy, but I do get a lot of enjoyment from creating these delicate pieces. I also love seeing what everyone around the globe has made and hear new tips and strategies to try out. I hope you find my page as a place to share ideas and connect! 🙂

Xoxo Kassandra


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