Rocksteady Quilt Progress

Hey guys!

This week I’ve started to put my Mother’s Day quilting plans into action and committed to a design AND fabric! I know you don’t know me that well, yet, but coordinating colors are not my forte. I appreciate all things orange and vibrant, and can eventually put something together, but it definitely takes me some time. We all have our strengths though, right? So I thought I would share the progress of this quilt with you.

Here’s the design It’s Suzy Quilts, “Rocksteady Quilt” pattern. She is an AMAZING designer and if you haven’t checked out her quilts you definitely should! If you don’t feel like traveling away from my blog, here’s a picture:


I’m in love! It’s perfect for Mama Miele. I’m going with blue ombre fabrics, as they’re my mom’s favorite.

Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 5.56.25 PM.png

So far I am in the process of cutting all of the pieces out. If anyone has any tips to make this go a bit faster, please fill me in! I’ve heard the saying many times already, “Measure twice, cut once,” but I could use some additional, seasoned advice. I’m ready to get to the fun part!

Stay tuned for an update, and wish me luck. I probably need some good vibes sent my way to make this quilt happen. If you have any photo inspiration you’d like to share of your past, present, or future quilting projects leave them in the comments!

Xo Kassandra


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